Pecha Kucha: Advice for Participants

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Pecha Kucha: Advice for Participants


What is a Pecha-Kucha presentation? 

Pecha-Kucha is a short visual presentation comprised of 20 slides.  Each slide is timed to automatically advance every 20 seconds.  It is a presentation format established to encourage presenters to focus on and share an idea as concisely as possible.  A Pecha-Kucha presentation format is an ideal way to deliver ideas in less formal manner.  Presenters rely primarily on images to guide the presentation and need to be creative to communicate their point precisely. 


What makes a good Pecha-Kucha presentation?

To create a good presentation, contributors should aim to explain their project (or an element of their project) in an imaginative and concise way using descriptive images to lead their audience.  A good Pecha-Kucha presentation requires a lot of practice because of the quick pace at which the slides advance.  It is important to note that visuals which strengthen and enhance the presenter’s point are an essential element of each presentation. 


Information on Pecha-Kucha presentations

Pecha-Kucha is a relatively new phenomenon and is becoming a more common presentation style for researchers.  The following links provide useful information about compiling a Pecha-Kucha presentation.


Notes for Contributors

The first slide should contain:

  1. Title of study;
  2. author name and contact email address.

The remaining 19 slides of the presentation should be mainly visual and should concentrate on one or more of the following (keeping in mind the time constraints):

  1. Aim of the study;
  2. research question(s)/ objective(s);
  3. methodology;
  4. research findings;
  5. statement of research contribution.

Note: The social and political sciences depend on descriptive images to a lesser extent than some other fields, which can make choosing images challenging.  Remember to be creative and to choose images that will give your audience a deeper insight to your project.  


Format of Presentation

The format of a Pecha-Kucha presentation is 20 slides x 20 seconds.  Each presenter is asked to time their slides to ensure continuity in the presentation.

To set the time for each slide in PowerPoint:

  • Microsoft 2010: choose transitions tab > timing > advance slide > after > 00:20.00 > click apply all button. (Note: deselect “On Mouse Click” button).
  • Microsoft 2007: choose animations tab > transitions to this slide > advance slide automatically > after > 00:20.00 > click apply all button. (Note: deselect “On Mouse Click” button).


Submission deadlines

Those wishing to participate in Pecha Kucha should submit an abstract of maximum 150 words by 24th October to the Conference Committee by registering your details at

The final submission of 20 slides should be submitted in Powerpoint format by 22nd November to, in Word format, using 'PechaKucha'+your name as the file name, e.g. PechaKuchaJaneDoe. Please also bring a back-up copy on a USB key on the day of the event. 


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