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Table of Contents for volume 1 "Identity" (2011)

Editorial — Identity

PDF: 01-editorial-2011-01-en.pdf

Niamh Nic Chonmara Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, UCC

Defining disability: : An auto-ethnography on the lived experiences of a person with cerebral palsy

PDF: 02-pate-2011-01-en.pdf

Joshua R. Pate University of Tennessee

Gateways and ghost estates: : Signifying Irish national identity after the Celtic Tiger era 

PDF: 03-osullivan-2011-01-en.pdf

Niall O’Sullivan Cork Centre for Architectural Education. College of Science, Engineering and Food Science, UCC

Migrant theatre and the aesthetics of identity 

PDF: 04-paire-2011-01-en.pdf

Roxane Paire Department of French, UCC

“Where Do You Come From and When Are You Going Back to Your Country?”: A Diasporan Reflection on Identity Crises of African Immigrants in Germany 

PDF: 05-machingura-2011-01-en.pdf

Francis Machingura & Jesca Mushoperi Machingura Biblical Studies, University of Bamberg, Germany. & Zimbabwean Journalist and Theatre Artist (respectively)

The Fractured Self: Postmodernism and Depersonalization Disorder

PDF: 06-dawson-2011-01-en.pdf

Conor Michael Dawson School of English, UCC

Review—Understanding Limerick: Social Exclusion and Change by Niamh Hourigan (ed.) 

PDF: 07-leonard-2011-01-en.pdf

Liam Leonard Lecturer in Sociology, Criminology and Human Rights, IT Sligo

Review—The Chinese Communist Party as Organizational Emperor: culture, reproduction, and transformation by Zheng Yongnian 

PDF: 08-oduibh-2011-01-en.pdf

James O’Duibh School of Philosophy & Sociology UCC and the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies

Review—Our Lady of Controversy: Alma López’s Irreverent Apparition by Gaspar de Alba, Alicia and Alma López (eds)

PDF: 09-NicChonmara-2011-01-en.pdf

Niamh Nic Chonmara Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, UCC

Table of Contents for volume 2 "Memory" (2012)

Editorial — Memory  Niamh Nic Chonmara and Marie-Luise Theuerkauf 

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Early and Medieval Irish, UCC

Martina, la rosa número trece: The Family Experience as National Tragedy

PDF: 01-larson-2012-01-en.pdf

Kajsa C. Larson Northern Kentucky University

Broken Memories or Shards of the Past? : Ruins and Identity in an Irish Pilgrimage Site

PDF: 02-mccarthy-2012-01-en.pdf

Kieran McCarthy Department of Geography, UCC

Autobiography and the Search for Identity in the Work of Harry Crews, Tim McLaurin and Rick Bragg

PDF: 03-mckeown-2012-01-en.pdf

Linda McKeown School of English, History and Politics, University of Ulster

Review—A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness: Writings, 2000-2010 by Cherríe L. Moraga

PDF: 04-alexander-2012-01-en.pdf

Donna Maria Alexander School of English and Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, UCC

Table of Contents for volume 3 "Italian issue" (2013-01)

Editorial - Italian issue

PDF: 00-Editorial-2013-01-en.pdf

Alessia Risi  Department of Italian, UCC

Naming the Child: Entering the Maternal Genealogy in Valeria Parrella’s Lo spazio bianco

PDF: 01-Benchi-2013-01-en.pdf

Paola Benchi  University College Dublin

Beyond Duality: the ‘Choreography’ of Gender in Dacia Maraini’s novels

PDF: 02-Morelli-2013-01-en.pdf

Maria Morelli                  University of Leicester                          

La figura di Penelope in Itaca per sempre di Luigi Malerba

PDF: 03-Alessi_2013-01-it.pdf

Serena Alessi Royal Holloway, University of London   

Review—Mediterranean Travels: Writing Self and Other from the Ancient World to Contemporary Society by Patrick Crowley, Noreen Humble, and Silvia Ross (eds)

PDF: 04-Remoundou-2013-01-en.pdf

Anastasia Remoundou-Howley  National University of Ireland, Galway


Table of Contents for volume 4 "Spanish issue" (2013-02)

Editorial - Spanish issue

PDF: 00-Editorial-2013-02-en.pdf

Niamh Nic Chonmara   Hispanic Studies, UCC

Breaking the Silence in Mercedes Valdivieso’s La brecha (1961) and Maldita yo entre las mujeres (1991)

PDF: 01-Broderick-2013-02-en.pdf

Céire Broderick Department of Spanish, NUI Galway 

Cinematic Jewish Women in Rural Argentina and the Representation of Argentinidad

PDF: 02-Vohnsen-2013-02-en.pdf

Mirna Vohnsen School of Languages and Literatures, University College Dublin

Ecos de Eureka, de Edgar Allan Poe, en la literatura española de principios del S. XX.

PDF: 03-Penon-2013-02-sp.pdf

José Luís Penón  School of Languages and Literatures, University College Dublin

The Gap and the Craft: MartinMcDonagh’s A Skull in Connemara on the Galician Stage

PDF: 04-SerraPorteiro-2013-02-en.pdf

Elisa Serra                             Porteiro Dept of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, UCC

Intralingual Translation in Tu rostro mañana, by Javier Marías

PDF: 05-PerezCarbonell-2013-02-en.pdf

Marta Pérez-Carbonell       School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Royal Holloway, University of London

The Legacy of Dictatorship and Persistent Socio-Economic Inequalities in Chile’s Educational Policy

PDF: 06-Walsh-2013-02-en.pdf

Aisling Walsh Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway

Powerful Women and Historical Representation in Spanish Cinema

PDF: 07-Moley-2013-02-en.pdf

Clare Moley Department of Languages, Manchester Metropolitan University

Review—Welttheater: übersetzten, adaptieren, inszenieren – World Theatre: translation, adaptation, production by S. Boyd and M. Schewe

PDF: 08-Fisher-2013-02-en.pdf

Saskia Fischer Linguistics and Literary Studies, Bielefeld University


Table of Contents for Volume 5 "CACSSS 2012 issue" (2014-01)


PDF: 00-frontmatter-2014-01-en


Editorial—CACSSS Edition

PDF: 01-editorial-2014-01-en

Marie-Luise Theuerkauf Department of Early and Medieval Irish/Department of French, UCC

A Reappraisal of Donatello's Bronze Judith and Holofernes

PDF: 02-de_Bhailis-2014-01-en

Caoimhín de Bhailís Department of Art History, UCC

The Student Bullying of Teachers: An Exploration of the Nature of the Phenomenon and the Ways in which it is Experienced by Teachers

PDF: 03-Garrett-2014-01-en

Lynda Garrett School of Applied Social Sciences, UCC

Truth, Honour and Justice: The Military Tribunals of Captain Francisco de Cuéllar 1583/84 and 1588

PDF: 04-Kelly-2014-01-en

Francis Kelly School of History/Hispanic Studies, UCC

A War of Images: Otto Dix and the Myth of the War Experience

PDF: 05-Murray-2014-01-en

Ann Murray Department of Art History, UCC

Nietzsche and Montaigne: Dionysian Pessimism

PDF: 06-O_Sullivan-2014-01-en

Timothy O'Sullivan        Department of Philosophy, UCC

Essay—Dragon Slayers and Lion Friends: Intertextual Considerations in Tochmarc Emire

PDF: 07-Theuerkauf-2014-01-en

Marie-Luise Theuerkauf Department of Early and Medieval Irish/Department of French, UCC

Review—Handbook of the Theosophical Current by Olav Hammer and Mikael Rothstein

PDF: 08-Duggan-2014-01-en

Colin Duggan Study of Religions, UCC

Table of Contents for volume 6 "Irish Edition" (2014-02)


PDF: 00-frontmatter-2014-02-en.pdf


Editorial—Irish Edition

PDF: 01-editorial-2014-02-en.pdf

Aaron L. Willis University of Notre Dame, IN, US

Justice Done? An Analysis of One Aspect to the 2006 Irish High Court Ruling in Zappone and Gilligan v. Revenue Commissioners and Attorney General

PDF: 02-Mullins-2014-02-en.pdf

Jackie Mullins School of Applied Social Studies, UCC

The Poetics of Cultural Nationalism: Thomas MacDonagh’s Literature in Ireland (1916)

PDF: 03-Goek-2014-02-en.pdf

Sara Goek School of History/Digital Arts and Humanities, UCC

Review—The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel: Kingship and Narrative Artistry in a Medieval Irish Saga by Ralph O'Connor

PDF: 04-Theuerkauf-2014-02-en

Marie-Luise Theuerkauf        Department of Early and Medieval Irish/Department of French, UCC


Graduate School of the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork