Research Communicator of the Year

This award recognises researchers who have taken a proactive approach to sharing their research with the general public, thereby raising UCC profile.

Submission formats include:

  • Op-Ed in News Outlet (entries must be self-authored and published in a news outlet).
  • New Media (entries may include videos, radio segments, podcast, and other works of new media.
  • Faculty cited in Media (entries must include quotes or references to UCC research from more than one news article. Entrants must be evaluated based on number of articles in which the faculty member was cited. Faculty affiliation with UCC must be identified).

Submissions must be accessible to and intended for a broad, general public audience. They must be relevant to topics, events and issues of societal impact in the calendar year 2022.

Nominations can be made by any UCC staff member.

How To Apply

To submit a nomination for this award:

  • Download and complete the nomination form.
  • Email the completed form to with the award category and the name of the nominee in the subject line.

Nomination Form

Deadline For Submission

  • Friday 28 April 2023, 5pm.

Evaluation Criteria


Relevant Achievements

  • Attainment and consistency of high-level achievements for a period appropriate to career stage and award category (for the calendar year 2022).



Research Excellence

  • Innovative thinking.
  • National and International recognition of excellence (peer esteem indicators).
  • Evidence of collaborative engagement with external stakeholders and the community.
  • Published outputs.




  • Encouragement and promotion of young researchers, including postgraduates.
  • Cultural, economic and societal impact of research.
  • Research communication.
  • Interdisciplinary impact.

Previous Winners

Year Awardee College/School/Department/Centre
2022 Professor Hannah Daly Environmental Research Institute and MaREI
2021 Dr Paul Deane MaREI

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