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Entrepreneur in Residence Programme

UCC Innovation’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) Programme aims to connect a cohort of experienced industry executives and serial entrepreneurs with UCC staff, students and graduates to promote and encourage entrepreneurial activity across campus. Our EIRs are domain experts with extensive professional networks, which our community can leverage to accelerate the translation of promising ideas and emerging technologies into new ventures: products and services that benefit society.

Our EIRs will work closely with our technology transfer team and researchers to help enhance our research impact in signature areas of excellence, through the UCC Futures Framework. EIRs are motivated by their passion for innovation and generously give of their time for which we are extremely grateful. Welcome to our 2024 cohort of Entrepreneurs in Residence!

UCC Innovation

Aistriú Nualaíocht

Room 2.44, Western Gateway Building, Western Road, Cork, Ireland, T12 XF62