Entrepreneur in Residence Programme

UCC’s Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Programme aims to connect UCC technologies and spin-out founding teams with seasoned industry executives, venture capitalists, and serial entrepreneurs.  By doing so, we aim to leverage the deep domain expertise of these individuals to help accelerate the path of promising technologies towards market success. The main goal of the EIR programme is to help UCC establish at least five spin-outs annually and scale these to High Potential Start-Ups (HPSUs).


At A Glance:

Number of EIRs:

Cohort of 4 X EIRs (including an EIR Chair) specialised across multi disciplines

Reporting to:

UCC Director of Innovation


12 months aligning with the academic year

Time Commitment:

1 day/ month



Must Sign:

CDA, IP Assignment & Code of Conduct


Intros & mentor training

Space allocation:

Western Gateway Building



EIR “graduates” automatically join the UCC Mentor Network on completion

UCC Mentor Network:

1 hour/ week Office Hours


Role of Entrepreneurs in Residence

  • The main goal of the EIR Programme is to help UCC establish at least five IP-based spin-outs annually.
  • Work with UCC Innovation’s New Ventures team and Commercialisation Case (Licencing) Managers to identify teams and/or technologies suitable for development as UCC (and Tyndall) Spin-outs.
  • Mentor budding entrepreneurs, and provide impartial critical guidance and support and grow their confidence in and understanding of business and entrepreneurship.
  • Offer impartial business start-up advice to our students, graduates or staff to launch or grow their new venture, including social enterprises, and deal with challenges.
  • Help identify commercial champions external to UCC who may have an interest in collaborating to establish/lead a spin-out company.
  • Introduce entrepreneurs to their professional network.


Who We Are Looking For

  • Experience of entrepreneurship, such as company formation and growth, investment etc.
  • Industry executives with experience in regulated environments, manufacturing, sales & marketing.
  • Willingness to share their experience and have a passion for working with students and staff.
  • Experience or interest in training, coaching or mentoring.
  • Willingness to make introductions to their professional network.


Benefits of Becoming an Entrepreneur in Residence

  • High visibility and recognition of the role from the UCC President.
  • Build your profile and professional network amongst peers.
  • Sight of the next cutting-edge technologies.
  • Be part of the energy and enthusiasm surrounding spin-outs.
  • Opportunity to give back to the university community.


What Entrepreneurs in Residence Can Expect from UCC Innovation

  • Introduction to UCC Innovation New Ventures Team and Licensing team, for connections to potential high-value projects.
  • Introduction via email to the entire UCC Research & Innovation community, promoting the new EIRs.
  • Profile of EIRs in the UCC Innovation Newsletter and on UCC Innovation website, and in the UCC alumni magazine.
  • When requests from researchers come in, they will be shared with all EIRs, even if directed primarily at a subset.
  • Access to meeting rooms, parking, UCC Staff Common Room and the UCC Library.


What UCC Innovation should expect from EIRs:

  • Commitment of at least 12 months to the EIR programme, reviewed at 6 months. The graduating EIRs are invited to join the UCC Mentor Network.
  • Spend the equivalent of 1 day per month (or more if time permits) via a combination of in-person and online meetings, phone calls and emails, supporting founding teams.
  • Attend an on-boarding session to get acquainted with the programme and UCC Innovation team.
  • Be helpful and honest with researchers, students and the UCC Innovation team.
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement, IP Assignment and Code of Conduct letter.



UCC Innovation

Aistriú Nualaíocht

Room 2.44, Western Gateway Building, Western Road, Cork, Ireland, T12 XF62