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Dr. David Corkery

Dr. David Corkery

Operations Manager

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Kevin Dalton

Kevin Dalton

Commercialisation Case Manager

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Dr. Anthony Morrissey

Dr. Anthony Morrissey

Commercialisation Case Manager

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Emer O'Shea

Emer O'Shea

Commercialisation Case Manager

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Areas of responsibility

Anthony Morrissey

Emer O'Shea

Kevin Dalton

David Corkery

Applied Psychology Alimentary Pharmabotic Centre (APC) ABCRF  CACSSS (Except for Geography, Applied Psychology and Digital Arts & Humanities)
Accounting & Finance Biomerit

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Tyndall: CONFIRM, Connect (Microsystems), MCCI, Modelling & Design Centre, Speciality Products & Services
BCRI DPTC (Dairy Processing Tech Centre) Chemistry  
Beaufort FIRM Programme CURAM  
Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES)  Microbiology 

Dental School and Hospital

Business Information Systems (BIS) Psychiatry

INFANT Research Centre

Centre for Policy Studies Tyndall: IERC, Microsystems, MicroNano Electronics, AMBER, ICT4Energy, Quantum Engineering, VistaMilk   Nursing and Midwifery  
Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering  

Oral Health Services Research Centre

Computer Science & IT   Pharmacy  
Cork Centre for Architectural Education  

Public Health

Cork University Business School (CUBS)  

School of Clinical Therapies

Digital Arts and Humanities    School of Medicine, including: Anatomy & Neuroscience, ASSERT Centre, Cancer Research, Clinical Gerontology & Rehabilitation, General Practice, Medicine Department, Medical Education Unit, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics & Child Health, Pathology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Physiology, Surgery  
Economics   Tyndall: Bio-electronics/Life-sciences interface  
Electrical & Electronic Engineering      
FHI (Food for Health Ireland)      
Food & Nutritional Sciences      
Food Business & Development  




Management & Marketing   





Mathematical Sciences      
MTI (Meat Technology Ireland)      
Tyndall: Photonics, ADAPT, Connect (excl. Microsystems)       

UCC Innovation

Aistriú Nualaíocht

Room 2.44, Western Gateway Building, Western Road, Cork, Ireland, T12 XF62