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UCC Works Award Ceremony 2021

Join us for our virtual ceremony at 1pm on Tuesday 13th April

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The UCC Works Award is a professional skills development programme, and demonstrates that you have engaged in, and developed professional skills through extra-curricular activies and work experience, all of which will help you to stand out from the crowd when applying for graduate roles and internships.

After engaging in the experience you will need to reflect on the skills you have developed and learn how to articulate these skills to employers.  You will do this by writing up a Reflective Report and preparing your CV before you actually receive the award at a formal rewards ceremony in the spring.

You must submit your Reflective Report in mid-March 2021. Please check the UCC Works Facebook , Instagram and Twitter and for updates. 

  • Students receive official recognition for taking part in extra curricular activities.
  • Stand out from the crowd and have your contribution recorded on your Diploma Supplement  (not the Exam Transcript).
  • UCC WORKS Award boosts your career prospects by demonstrating to employers that you have developed the competencies they want.
  • The Reflective Report requires students to answer three minimal questions and allows students to articulate on paper more effectively the competencies developed during their UCC WORKS activity
  • The competencies students are asked to develop in the Reflective Report are core competencies that research shows employers look for in potential candidates in both interviews and CV's.
  • Updating your CV allows students to reflect and express the skills gained with UCC WORKS in an effective manner.
  • You will receive your award and Digital Badge in April 2021

UCC Works is a University Skills Award that you can receive by participating in an approved activity in any of FOUR pathways. 


As a former Student Union President, I cannot echo enough how valuable volunteering roles/charity work and civic engagement is...

Pádraig Haughney, Regional Manager FDM Group

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I worked as editor of Verge Magazine for UCC Express. Verge, is a 16 page arts and culture supplement which accompanies UCC Express every fortnight...

Claire Fox -Editor of the Verge Magazine

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I won a UCC Works Award for my work as Peer Support Leader. Becoming a PSL was a great decision and gave me the opportunity to work on important skills such as teamwork and interpersonal skills

Louise Murphy- UCC Works Awardee

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