Dr Pádraig Cantillon-Murphy selected as Runner-Up of the 2014 College of SEFS Student Nominated Lecturer Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

9 Jul 2014
Dr Pádraig Cantillon-Murphy selected as Runner-Up

Award recipients were blindly selected by the College of SEFS Teaching Learning & Student Experience (TLSE) Committee following a two stage process organised through the College of SEFS Office, whereby students across the College were initially invited to nominate lecturers they deemed worthy of the award from which an initial shortlist was drawn, followed by a second stage whereby (other) students taking modules of lecturers on the shortlist were randomly selected and invited to provide additional feedback.

Overall, the TLSE Committee was highly impressed by the incredibly high esteem that shortlisted candidates were held by their students. The award attracted wide engagement from across the student body; over 90 nominations were received for the lecturer award.

Feedback received from Dr Cantillon-Murphy’s students:


“Always makes lectures interesting, makes difficult material easily understandable, and always willing to lend a helping hand with every question anyone could possibly have”


“He is an approachable lecturer and shows genuine interest and passion towards what he teaches. I believe that he is the best and most well rounded lecturer that I’ve had”


“a fantastic lecturer and is definitely one of the best in the College. There is great respect for him amongst the student body, which he has rightfully earned through his very interesting lectures.  All round, an amazing lecturer”

School of Engineering and Architecture

Scoil na hInnealtóireachta

Electrical Engineering Building, UCC, College Road, Cork.