Digital Badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research

Digital Badge in Responsible Conduct of Research

Embedding Research Integrity awareness within the research community in UCC

About the UCC Digital Badge in Responsible Conduct of Research

The UCC digital badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research was launched in 2019, and while it was reconfigured during the Covid-19 pandemic for online delivery, since 2022 we have been able to offer a blended structure to the course, comprising a mixture of of in-person workshops and online content. The topics covered centre on Research Integrity, the FAIR Data Principles, Data Management and Reproducible Research

Why do I need the digital badge in the responsible conduct of research?


Most funding bodies, both Irish and European, now require evidence of training on these topics. Sections on Open Data and data management are included at application stage as a minimum or a data management plan is required as a first deliverable. 

For example, since the EU’s Horizon research funding programme has now a more specific set of rules on research integrity, to be followed by beneficiaries, where Open Data will be the default and a data management plan will be a requirement for all funded projects. 

UCC Strategic Plan 2023-2028

While the Epigeum online Research Integrity training is required by all researchers in UCC, this training is the minimum requirement, and it is important that additional training available in UCC is availed of. Most importantly Goal 1: Research & Innovation of the Securing Our Future UCC Strategic Plan 2023-2028 sets out key objectives to "1.4 Transform UCC’s research culture through the implementation of engaged research and open research, underpinned by academic integrity, and ethical and responsible practice" this includes the objective to "Ensure that the environment in UCC supports the conduct of research to the highest ethical standards, and that UCC researchers are appropriately trained" (1.4, v.).  This objective is underpinned by UCC's first ever Research Charter and further mandates training requirements set out in the UCC Code of Research Conduct.

Senior staff, supervisors and PIs must ensure that they, and all researchers that they have responsibility over, are sufficiently trained in the responsible conduct of research.

The digital badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research is innovative and team-based training which will fulfil research integrity training requirements set by your funder, alongside an introduction to data management and  will highlight where supports are to be found within the University. It was recently recognised as a “Pocket of Promise” in Nature, Research Integrity; nine ways to move from talk to walk. And has also been the subject of a guest blog on the UK Research Integrity Office website.  

Who delivers the training?

The UCC digital badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research is delivered by members of staff drawn from UCC Library, the Research Support Service and the Clinical Research Facility - Cork.   

 Who is it for?

The badge is ideally suited to researchers from similar disciplines, research groups or research units, with shared data structures and working practices and is designed to encourage wider adoption and uptake of these principles collectively within whole research teams. The live session at the end of the course is tailored to the specific needs the group. All members of a research team/groups including research postgraduates, research assistants,  technical staff, postdoctoral researchers, PIs/supervisors, research managers and officers, can participate and it is also highly recommended for the Lead researcher/PI/supervisor to be present and actively engaged.

Digital Badge in Responsible Conduct of Research - delivery in 2023

The face-to-face interactive workshops, whereby research students, staff, postdocs and PIs from similar research areas come together and dynamically 'unpack' responsible conduct of research, is one of the key strengths of this digital badge. In 2023, we are delighted to be able to enhance the delivery of the digital badge to now involve a day long workshop for researchers, enabling the added benefits of an in person, interactive workshop whereby researchers from different units across each college can come together to discuss issues in-depth that might arise and how these can be addressed. 

We will widen the digital badge offering to encompass research groups and units across each of the four colleges: Business & Law (CoBL); Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences (CACSSS); Science, Engineering & Food Science (SEFS); and Medicine & Health (CoMH). One day-long workshop will be offered to each College (June-July 2023).



Course content & requirements - updated 2023

Digital Badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research 2023 flyer

  • Self-directed learning through Canvas 
  • Attend one face-to-face workshop  (9.30-4.30pm)
  • Submission of a reflective exercise 
  • Completion of the online Epigeum Research Integrity course. For registration and further information see Epigeum Online Research Integrity Training 

How do I avail of the digital badge?

To avail of the badge you must register for your College's one day long workshop - one workshop will be delivered to each college in June-July 2023 

***Limit of 20-25 per workshop

***First come first served basis


College of Business & Law

Workshop Date: Monday 26th June 9.30-4.30pm

Register here (deadline to register-COB 19th June)


College of Arts Humanities & Social Sciences

Workshop Date: Thursday 29th June 9.30-4.30pm

Register here (deadline to register-COB 22nd June)


College of Science, Engineering & Food Science

Workshop Date: Monday 3rd July 9.30-4.30pm

Register here (deadline to register-COB 26th June)


College of Medicine & Health

Workshop Date: Tuesday 11th July 9.30-4.30pm

Register here (deadline to register-COB 4th July)





Enquiries can be made by contacting Dr Aoife Coffey, UCC Library or Dr Irene Kavanagh, UCC Research (Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation).

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