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Framework to Enhance Research Integrity in Research Collaborations

In Q1 2022 The National Research Integrity Forum (NRIF) has published the national Framework to Enhance Research Integrity in Collaborations.

Collaboration is central to research and innovation. Increasingly, researchers work together and with a wide range of external stakeholders to deliver outcomes that expand the boundaries of human knowledge and have the potential to deliver real benefits for today’s rapidly developing society. Collaborative research can occur within and between national higher education or research performing institutions (inter-institutional collaboration), between and across different research disciplines (inter- or multidisciplinary collaboration), across national borders (international collaboration), and with a range of different partners including other higher education institutions, state research bodies, public sector organisations, private enterprises and civic/civil society organisations (CSOs) such as charities and voluntary organisations (inter-sectoral collaboration).

 The Framework-to-Enhance-Research-Integrity-in-Collaborations.pdf ( is an essential and critical document to ensure all research personnel across the institution uphold the principles and practices of Responsible Conduct of Research/Research Integrity. In keeping with Ireland’s National-Policy-Statement-on-Ensuring-Research-Integrity-in-Ireland-2014.pdf ( and with The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, collaborating partners need to commit to upholding the fundamental principles that underpin the integrity of all research activity. In addition to upholding and adhering to these aforementioned policies, stakeholders across the UCC Research Community are expected to:


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