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John Mac Sharry


John is a dynamic engaged Research Leader in Mucosal Immunology, Medical Microbiology with a focus on Translational research and community engaged Interdisciplinary research.  He has over 100 publications in high impact highly cited journals with a H index 31 in Google Scholar, in the top 5% of research in UCC (SciValResearchGate). In his current position, since 2013, he has secured funding of over €3 Million, from exchequer, charity, and Industrial sources via active collaborations with Industry and APC Microbiome Ireland.


His research areas of interest include:


A. Wastewater ,Diseases diagnostics and detection-  UCC lead in an ongoing SFI funded interdisciplinary project in utilising, Antigen testing, Saliva and Wastewater to detect pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 & AMR carriage. John also studies host immunity to infection collaborating with national and international partners in evaluating antibody detection and  genomics.
B. Asthma Immune Microbiome dialogue Lung microbiome in adult asthmatics patients from the CUH Respiratory clinic, Cork. Collaborations- Dr Des Murphy CUH, Dr Liam Fanning CUH, Dr Chris Ward, Newcastle University.
C. Gut epithelial and immune sensing of commensal microbes - APC Microbiome Ireland- Industry collaborations with Prof D. van Sinderen and Danone (Paris-Africa), Nutricia and Friesland Campina (Netherlands).
D Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) microbial survival and immune evasion- Studying unique metabolic pathways of UTI clinical pathogens. Collaborations with Prof M Prentice CUH/UCC, Microbes NG Birmingham. 


Research Interests

Research Theme: Theme 4- Host Microbe Dialogue

SDG: SDGs 3, 11, & 17.

Key words: Microbial detection, Wastewater, Community, Immunity, Microbiome




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APC Microbiome Ireland, Biosciences Building, University College Cork, Ireland,