Lorena Morales García

Research Interests

Project Title: Role of Maternal Gut-Microbiota in the neurovascular development of the hypothalamus

Project Objectives:

RO1: To evaluate the development, structure, and function of neurovascular interactions after gut microbiome disruption in prenatal life using germ-free (GF; lack of all microorganisms) mice and one translationally relevant disruptor: antibiotics administration (ABX).

RO2: To analyze the radial glial (RG) neural progenitor lineages of the alar hypothalamus and its RG-derived cell populations in GF and ABX mouse models.

RO3: To evaluate the microbiome-derived metabolites and the molecular mechanisms involved in microbiota- hypothalamic neurovascular communication.

Global societal challenge that you are tackling:

Non-communicative diseases (NCDs) or neurodevelopmental disorders


APC Microbiome Ireland, Biosciences Building, University College Cork, Ireland,