Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha offer a large number of language courses to students and staff of UCC as well as to members of the public.   Below are the links to various courses which may be of interest to you.


Courses for Students of UCC:

We offer a wide range of courses for UCC students.

Voluntary Courses for Students of UCC (348kB)

Course in Spoken Irish for Prospective Students of PME in Primary Teaching (98kB)

Course in Spoken Irish for PME Students (432kB)

GA1120: Introduction to Modern Irish (326kB)


Night Courses for Members of the Public:

We also offer a number of night courses for members of the public.

Brochure for Night Classes in Spoken Irish (250kB)


Please contact us or view the Irish version of this page if you require further details on any of the courses offered by Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha.

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