A national evaluation of recurrent miscarriage care services

While some good practice was identified, there was variation, e.g. in referral criteria, clinic locations, genetic counselling, recording of subsequent pregnancy outcomes. A national guideline for recurrent miscarriage is required, and services must be adequately resourced.


Marita Hennessy, Laura Linehan, Caragh Flannery, Rióna Cotter, Orla O’Connell, Keelin O’Donoghue

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Irish Medical Journal
Journal Article
Audit / Service evaluation, Recurrent miscarriage


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Hennessy M, Linehan L, Flannery C, Cotter R, O'Connell O, O'Donoghue K. A national evaluation of recurrent miscarriage care services. Irish Medical Journal. 2023;116(1):P713.

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We evaluated recurrent miscarriage (RM) service provision in the 19 Irish maternity units/hospitals against guideline-based key performance indicators (KPIs) we previously developed during a multi-stage consensus process with key stakeholders. We invited Clinical Leads for pregnancy loss, Doctors-in-training, Clinical Nurse/Midwife Specialists and Directors of Midwifery within each unit/hospital to complete an online survey on behalf of their service between November 2021 and February 2022. We only required one response per unit/hospital. The survey comprised predominantly multiple choice questions concerning the KPIs, covering five categories: (i) structure of care, (ii) investigations, (iii) treatments, (iv) counselling and supportive care, and (v) outcomes. 18/19 units/hospitals completed the survey (95% response rate). While we identified some good practice, there was considerable variation - most obvious in areas such as: (1) referral criteria (provisions regarding the number of miscarriages or maternal age and number of living children); (2) location of clinics; (3) genetic counselling; (4) recording of subsequent pregnancy-related outcomes. A national guideline for RM is required. There needs to be adequate resourcing of services to implement recommendations, as well as systems for recording pregnancy outcomes and provisions for a national audit of RM care.

Pregnancy Loss Research Group

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