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Management of Psychosocial Workplace Risks: Theory And Practice (Online) - Management of Psychosocial Workplace Risks: Theory And Practice (Online)


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    Management of Psychosocial Workplace Risks: Theory And Practice (Online)

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    Management of Psychosocial Workplace Risks: Theory And Practice (Online)

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    Medicine and Health

  • Duration

    8 weeks

  • Teaching Mode

    Part-Time. See Additional Teaching Mode Information for more info.

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    CPD Module

  • Fees

    EU Fee €900 plus €35 application fee. See Fees and Costs for full details.

  • Entry Requirements

    See full entry requirements below. See Requirements for full details.

  • Closing Date

    Not on offer 2020/21

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    Not applicable for 2020/21

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    Online Programme:  School of Public Health, 4th Floor, Western Gateway Building, Western Road, Cork.

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    Not on offer 2020/21


Module Objective: To provide an epidemiological and population perspective on occupational health and safety. Familiarise students with theory and measurement of work characteristics with an emphasis on psychosocial factors.

Module Content: This module has two broad strands: theory and core concepts and application to practical risk assessment and management
Strand 1: 
Theory and core concepts:
Core principles and practice of psychosocial epidemiology applied to the workplace, social inequalities in health and safety. Theory and measurement of psychosocial work characteristics. The main theoretical concepts including the demand control model, effort reward-imbalance, person-environment fit, job characteristics model and the socio-technical approach. Theoretical frameworks and research evidence linking psychosocial factors to physical and mental health. Trends in occupational stress epidemiology and statistics nationally and internationally. Definitions and historical evolution of the concept of risk, factors influencing the perception of risk and their significance in risk communication. The ageing workforce and epidemiological research evidence on the impact of psychosocial work characteristics on health and safety. 
Strand 2: 
Application to practical risk assessment and management:
Assessment and management of stressful work characteristics, e.g. work load, work schedules, task design, rewards, control and social relations. UK management standards of work stressors, EU Frameworks and Directives for the management of psychosocial work factors. Risk management approach to work stressors. Role of human factors in the development and evaluation of effective policies and supporting procedures in work settings, for the control of work stressors; including organisation of work, ergonomics, administrative and technical solutions.

Learning Outcomes: On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Critically discuss aspects of the psychosocial work environments that affect health, safety and welfare;
  • Apply the risk management approach to the management of psychosocial hazards;
  • Carry out a risk assessment of psychosocial work factors associated with causation of ill health and injury;
  • Evaluate European frameworks, policies and procedures that are used to control for work stressors;
  • Develop strategies to effectively manage psychosocial factors at work using primary, secondary and tertiary levels of interventions;
  • Evaluate the success of health and safety interventions;
  • Analyse factors that impact on risk perception and outline consequences for risk communication;
  • Critically discuss implications of the ageing work force for health and safety risk management; and
  • Work effectively in a team.

Additional Teaching Mode Information

You may take up to 15 CPD credits in one academic year, up to a maximum of 20 credits in total.

This module is available for external individuals to attend as independent modules, having as target groups essentially: Health and Safety Professionals in Industry and Healthcare, Occupational Health Nurses, Self-employed Occupational Health and Safety Consultants, Human Resources Managers among others. This module is also available to Healthcare Professionals - doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, allied healthcare professionals among others.

A student, if admitted to the course, who successfully completes and passes a module under CPD will be eligible for exemptions if he/she is admitted to the MSc in Occupational Health or the MSc in Occupational Health (Online) within five years from the date of successful completion of the module (and subject to the module being offered on the MSc in Occupational Health or the MSc in Occupational Health (Online)).


Teaching Method(s): 110hr(s) Directed Study (Online self-directed learning); 60hr(s) Other (Online moderated activities); 40hr(s) Other.

Module Co-ordinator: Dr Birgit Greiner, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health.

Assessment: Total Marks 200: Continuous Assessment 200 marks (Case Studies review 80 marks; Essay 80 marks; Online activities 40 marks).

Compulsory Elements: Continuous Assessment.


Candidates who satisfy the programme eligibility criteria may, subject to the approval of the Programme Director/Coordinator, be permitted to take the module as part of UCC's commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and be provided with a relevant transcript of marks.

Entry requirements (as per MSc Occupational Health and MSc Occupational Health (Online) modules):

Candidates for this CPD module must normally meet one of the following criteria:

1. A Level 8 honours primary degree (minimum second class honours, grade 2) in a relevant area, for example health-related (Public Health, Nursing, Medicine, Environmental Health, Psychology/Behavioural Science, Physiotherapy); Engineering and Human Resource Management and relevant professional experience¹ or work placement in an associated Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare area.


2. A minimum of a Diploma/Higher Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare (minimum Second Class Honours, Grade 1), from UCC, or an equivalent qualification² from another Institution (Level 8 Diploma, minimum Second Class Honours, Grade 1) and a minimum of two years relevant professional work experience¹ in an area associated with Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare;


3. Applicants with a minimum of three years professional work experience in an associated area¹ of Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare will be invited for interview to satisfy the selection committee of their suitability for the programme.

¹ Relevant professional work experience, job title examples: Health and Safety Officers/Advisors/Managers/Coordinators; Environmental Safety Officers/Managers; Safety Engineers, Health Promotion Officers; HR Officers/Managers; Occupational Health Nurses, Health Scientists, Professional Trainers, Health and Safety Consultants.

² Level 8, Examples: Diploma/Higher Diploma/International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety; Diploma in Environment Management, Diploma in Health Promotion, Diploma in Learning, Development and Work-based Training.


Technical Entry Requirements (Online): 
To access and interact with the course content, assignments and assessments etc. students will require access to at least a PC/ Laptop running Windows 7 or later and Mac OSX 10.7.4. Common plug-ins such as Microsoft Silverlight, Java and Flash will also be required. Students must have access to MS Office or an equivalent suite of applications such as Libre Office. They must also have access to a modern standards compliant web browser. UCC recommends either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 
To engage productively and successfully with the content, basic technical computer skills such as familiarity with word processing, web browsing and email - recommended.

Fees and Costs

The fee for this course is €900 for EU Students.

The application fee is €35.

How Do I Apply

To apply for this module please download and complete the application form below and submit with the relevant documents to:

CPD Co-ordinator,

CPD Centre, 

An tIonad um Fhorbairt Ghairmiúil Leanúnaigh,

Q+1 floor, The Library, Main Quad, U.C.C.

OR via e-mail at cpdgraduatestudies@ucc.ie


Not open for applications 2020/2021


Application Form:

CPD Application Form 2019-20

Forward this form along with the:

  • Application fee,
  • A passport sized photograph and
  • Any other documentation requested on the form.

Applications for this module are now open.