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Brainwaves welcomes Lotti Hales to the project!

14 Iúil 2021
Brainwaves welcomes Lotti Hales to the project!

A 3rd year AU Plant Biology student Lotti did work on duckweed growth during her year in industry and is joining the AU team as a technician for the summer.

Lotti grew up in West Sussex and started her BSc in Plant Biology at Aberystwyth University in September 2018. Her interest in plants grew when she joined her local Young Farmers club in 2016 and from there she increasingly felt that it was her mission to highlight the importance of plants to mitigate global climate change impacts. Having completed her year in industry at Aberystwyth University assisting on the Brainwaves project she now joins for the summer as a technician. She hopes to continue onto a research masters in Controlled Environment Agriculture after finishing her BSc in 2022.

Maoinithe ag Ciste Forbraíochta Réigiúnaí na hEorpa trí Chlár Comhair na hÉireann agus na Breataine Bige

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