Current Students


Alba Martínez Alarcón

Treating Valencian Cultural Memory: The case of Carmelina Sánchez-Cutillas and Matèria de Bretanya

Ana Albuquerque

Story-singers and History-tellers: Staged Music as an Independent Voice in Portuguese Speaking Cultural Industries

Rhys Davies

Violence and trauma in the contemporary Colombian detective novel  

Clare Geraghty

Queer bodily realities in the feminist hip hop of 'intersectional beings', Krudxs Cubensi

Mireia Gomez i Martinez

Linguistic Hospitality in Contexts of Complex Linguistic Diversity

Sara Helin-Long

Landscape, Terror and Cilean Historical Memory in Patricio Guzmán's Film Trilogy

Claudia Loenze

A comparative critical discourse analysis of narratives of migration in German and Mexican media sources

Elizabeth Rosales Martínez

Towards an activist translation: Translating testimonies of those searching for victims of enforced disappearance in Mexico

Roksana Niewadzisz

Post Human emodiment of zoomorphic folk tales: power and transformation beyond 'lethal binaries'

John Thompson

The Concept as Material: A Materialist Theory of the Concept in Conceptual Art 

Brenda Mondragon Toledo

Resistance and Solidarity Through Feminist Craftivism; A Compartive Study of Mexico and Ireland


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