The PLATFORM Project

The PLATFORM Project: Pregnancy Loss knowledge trAnslaTion FOR iMpact



What is the PLATFORM Project?

The PLATFORM (Pregnancy Loss knowledge trAnslaTion FOR iMpact) Project aims to enhance the translation of pregnancy loss research into policy and practice.

It focuses on all types of pregnancy and infant loss (including first trimester miscarriage, second trimester miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, stillbirth, termination of pregnancy, neonatal death and pregnancy after loss), and research that seeks to prevent pregnancy loss and improve health care (quality) and health and social outcomes for women, babies and their families.


What is involved?

PLATFORM brings researchers, key civil society partners and other knowledge users – including parent advocates – together to:

  • Identify barriers and facilitators to knowledge translation relating to pregnancy loss
  • Develop activities and outputs in an effort to address the decades-long lack of progress in implementing change at policy and practice levels.

PLATFORM will contribute to:

  • Enhancing Irish public and policymaker awareness of pregnancy loss
  • The provision of more effective services/supports within the health care system, community sector, and beyond
  • Influencing policymaking and healthcare funding.


Who is involved?

PLATFORM is being undertaken by Pregnancy Loss Research Group, led by Professor Keelin O’Donoghue and Marita Hennessy PhD, in partnership with the Irish Hospice Foundation - represented by Dr Amanda Roberts (Bereavement Development Officer) and Avril Easton (Advocacy Manager).


Press releases:

Pregnancy Loss Research Group Secures IRC funding to Enhance the Translation of Pregnancy Loss Research into Policy and Practice - January 2022


For further information, contact:

Marita Hennessy PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher:

Professor Keelin O’Donoghue, Principal Investigator:


Funding and partner information: 

PLATFORM is funded by the Irish Research Council through its New Foundations Awards and is being undertaken in partnership with the Irish Hospice Foundation.




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