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UCC Futures - Food, Microbiome and Health

16 Nov 2022

UCC Futures programme announces multiple academic positions in Microbiome and Health Sciences

APC Microbiome Ireland is delighted to acknowledge the launch today of the UCC Food, Microbiome & Health Futures initiative. UCC Futures is an ambitious new programme of research prioritisation coupled with an innovative academic recruitment strategy across ten indicative areas of strategic importance that will build a foundation for economic, societal and cultural resilience and prosperity.

Addressing food and health challenges, in alignment with global and institutional sustainability goals and economic growth, requires us to find equitable and just solutions to the problems of global food systems. From primary production, food processing, supply chain, consumption, nutrition and health through to consumer behaviour, marketing and food integrity, the complexity of this challenge requires experts from multiple disciplines and sectors to collaborate in new and reimagined ways.

Building on our long-standing reputation for research excellence across food, food business, medicine and microbiome science, UCC Futures – Food Microbiome & Health will create a research environment that is able to respond with agility to established and emerging global challenges. APC Microbiome Ireland, working with other world leading academics and research institutions such as Tyndall National Institute and the Environmental Research Institute, and continuing our deep partnerships with Teagasc, the Health Service Executive and regional food and pharmaceutical industries, UCC Futures – Food, Microbiome and Health is uniquely placed to apply genuine inter- and transdisciplinary thinking to the complexity of global food, nutrition and health challenges.

UCC Futures - Food, Microbiome and Health is a once in a generation opportunity to maximise the potential of our academic expertise and provide tangible, impactful, solutions to some of the most important global challenges of our time.

Applications are now sought for 14 academic positions in the food microbiome and health areas across the schools and disciplines of medicine, food science, food business and law. The APC particularly encourages applications for the below positions:

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