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APC Launches an EDIW Action Plan

28 Mar 2024

APC celebrated the launch of our Equality Diversity Inclusion and Wellbeing Action Plan with a celebration including the creation of a diversity tree, a dance performance by Manasi Nadkarni and a few words from APC Director Prof Paul Ross.

Read the Action Plan here

APC has made a commitment to embrace EDIW and a commitment to grow and evolve as an organisation to ensure we remain people centric and a great place to work and do research.


This Action Plan has nine umbrella actions which holds us accountable to delivering the very best in practice for EDIW across the organisation.

The key actions are:

  • To create this action plan - that ensures we deliver on our commitments
  • Communication and Engagement - to ensure that EDIW is accessible to everyone.
  • Training and Development – to ensure that the entire APC Team can grow with the organisation.

Our EDIW committee has worked diligently to craft this action plan. The inaugural Chair of the Committee Susan Rafferty-McArdle got the ball rolling on our formal EDIW activity and our current Chair, our Operations Manager Dr Lorraine Draper has led the charge on delivering this action plan.

Part of our mission is to foster an environment that promotes the equality and wellbeing of our diverse APC community. Belonging is a key component of this as huge numbers of our team travel from all over the world to become part of the APC family. This is often a complex process and we strive to support our researchers as they encounter the barriers of such a move, be it paperwork, housing, settling in and in all aspects of their life

We have identified 15 key areas of diversity that our committee works to support through events, initiatives, focus groups, training, and provision of supports. We look forward to seeing the benefits of this work throughout our community.

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