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APC research featured on Netflix documentary

26 Apr 2024

APC Microbiome Ireland, a world leading SFI Research Centre, and University College Cork are proud to announce that Professor John Cryan will be featured in the upcoming Netflix documentary, Hack Your Health: Secrets of the Gut. The documentary, set to premiere globally on Netflix on April 26th, 2024,  illuminates the intricate science behind the gut microbiome, the community of bacteria, viruses and other microbes that reside within our intestines.

Hack Your Health: Secrets of the Gut embarks on a scientific journey, exploring the vital role of the gut microbiome in human health and disease. Directed by award winning filmmaker Anjali Nayar, it follows four individuals on a quest to understand the importance of the gut to their health.  Featuring interviews with leading researchers from prestigious institutions worldwide and best-selling author Giulia Enders, the documentary underscores the global significance of gut health research. Professor Cryan is a leading scientific investigator in the APC a pioneering research centre based at UCC known for its trailblazing work in microbiome science.

"Our gut affects our whole body; it influences everything," states Professor Cryan. "Gut science has been the hottest area for the last decade or more. Anxiety, depression, cancer, autism, and Parkinson's Disease are all related to the gut."

This revelation comes at a time when the importance of the gut microbiome in overall health and well-being is increasingly recognized by the scientific community and the public alike.  Since its inception in 2003  the APC’s work has been pivotal in understanding the complex interactions between gut microbiota and human health, marking it as a global leader in this exciting and dynamic field. Prof. Cryan and his team have made pioneering discoveries implicating the gut microbiome in brain function and mental health.

Netflix, the world's premier entertainment service, continues to bring groundbreaking content to its audience of over 260 million paid memberships in more than 190 countries. Hack Your Health: Secrets of the Gut is expected to draw viewers into the fascinating world of gut science, making complex research accessible to the general public.


Link to watch on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/81436688


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