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New UNI Health Study Launched

29 Feb 2024

Feeling unwell and have respiratory symptoms?, check out the recently launched UniHealth study 

The UniHealth Infectious disease tracking provides free multiplex antigen tests (detecting COVID-19, FLU, A  Flu B and RSV viruses) for University College Cork Students and Staff members to monitor and report infectious respiratory illnesses using a bespoke symptom tracker app supported by confirmatory molecular tests. UniHealth is funded by the SFI National Challenges Fund for Digital Resilience and is an interdisciplinary collaboration between APC Microbiome Ireland, a world leading SFI Research Centre, UCC’s School of Microbiology, CUBS-Business Information Systems and Student Health.  


Dr John MacSharry, Prof Ciara Heavin, Dr Michael Byrne and Clo O'Riordan lead this exciting new SFI funded project. This project is building on the learnings from UniCOV-UCC which used a UCC Student Health/UCC IT services-developed app to compare different way to screen and test for COVID-19. The UniHealth project staff will be based in the annexe behind the Chaplaincy Iona building.


Dr John MacSharry, a funded investigator with APC and Senior Lecturer in Virology and Immunology at UCC says “This study will help people manage their healthcare and alert them if they have an infectious disease meaning that they can limit the transmission of the disease and choose the appropriate respite and medication.  The tracker app will yield valuable information on what viruses are most prevalent and allow logistical planning for medication and healthcare if significant numbers of the population are affected.”


More details on how to sign up and the learnings from the UnICoV study are available here 

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