Reduced Summer Staffing Levels 2015

Over the Summer period the staffing levels in the Student Health Department are considerably reduced.In term-time we operate with a complement of 5 Doctors, 4 Nurses, 2 Physiotherapists, 1 Psychiatrist, 1 Sexual Health Advisor and 3 Administrators. Over the Summer months, Mid-June to Early-September, this reduces to 1 Doctor, 1 Nurse and 1 Administrator. On rare occasions there is no clinician on-site.For this and other reasons outlined below there is a considerable reduction in clinical activity and availability over the summer months. 

Reduced Summer Appointment Availability 2015

As outlined above, the number of clinicians available in Student Health reduces from 13 in term-time to just 2 in non term-time. This means that Physiotherapy, Psychiatry, Sexual Health Clinic, Sports Injury Clinic, Nurse-Prescribing and Routine Nurse and Doctor clinics cease for Summer.When available, Doctor and Nurse appointments will be released in a 60- 90 minute slot, morning and afternoon, mid-June to early-September.

To check availability, telephone 4902311. An answering machine message or our receptionist on duty will advise as to the next available session or appointment.

Students are reminded that they need to register with a local GP to access GP services and that UCC Student Health is not staffed or configured to function as a GP or urgent care service.

Summer Activity

So what  is it that we do over the summer months? Summer and non-term time is a very busy time for the skeleton staff that remain in Student Health. Audit of previous clinical activity, planning and scheduling of clinics for the upcoming year, development and review of clinical care pathways, administrative systems, annual budgetary and man-power planning is just some of the activity that must be undertaken in the summer months. Research, Poster presentation, academic meetings and conference attendance also occurs. All of this activity is necessary to maintain a high quality safe service. It is a strategic decision to defer this activity to summer months, with a consequential reduction in availability of appointments, and is based on the fact that most students are not on-site and that the level of clinical staff available is not sufficient to meet possible demands if the service remained open as per usual term-time hours.

We endeavor to do our best to meet demands in the context of the resources available and consistent with what we outline as our mission and modus-operandi in our Statement of Service.

Accessing GP Services

Students are reminded of the need to be registered with A General Practitioner (GP) close to their term time address.

We endeavour to provide a student health service and cannot provide full GP services. Read our statement of service 

Students are reminded that the Student Health Department is not available for home visits or out of hours care.

If you are not yet registered with a GP or unable to access your GP service, a local GP practice can be contacted in urgent situations.

Dr Colm Gleeson and his practice are available

Before 6pm  Mon-Fri/Sat up to 1pm  021-4542551

After 6pm   Mon-Fri & Weekends after 1pm  1850-335999 (South Doc)

In the event of an emergency the emergency services contact number is 999 or 112


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