Student Opportunities

Students of UCC are also students of UNIC, connected to the other nine UNIC partner universities across Europe. Find out more about the UNIC universities and their profiles: Universities (

UNIC is a part of the European Universities Initiative, launched by the European Commission as a new way for universities to work together across Europe. Read more about the European Universities Initiative and its goals: European Universities initiative | European Education Area (

UNIC's core goal is to benefit students of the ten universities, by opening up mobility, shared research, and city engagement across partners.

How can I get involved?

  • Engage with UNIC CityLabs. UNIC CityLabs are physical and virtual meeting points where students, citizens, academia and city stakeholders work together to identify and solve societal challenges faced by post-industrial superdiverse cities. Find out about any upcoming opportunities to get involved via the News and Updates section.
  • Take an online language course here: Online Language Modules ( Language courses are free for UCC students, whether you want to prepare to travel to a UNIC location or just want to learn something new. Language courses take 15-30 hours depending on the module, and also cover fascinating cultural aspects. Courses are available for Croatian, Dutch, English & Irish (delivered by UCC's Language Centre), Finnish, French, German, Spanish & Basque, and Turkish. 
  • Go on Erasmus exchange to one of the UNIC universities. Contact, visit the International Office and find more information on Erasmus opportunities in UCC here:
  • Apply to the RePIC MSc programme. Redesigning the Post-Industrial City (RePIC) MSc is a joint master's programme delivered by eight of the UNIC universities. Live and study in up to three UNIC universities during a two-year course, and gain skills to rethink future cities. See the RePIC prospectus page:
  • Sign up to the UNIC newsletter for students: The European University of Post-Industrial Cities (
  • As a UCC student, you can apply for free virtual courses at our partner universities as an extracurricular activity: will receive a certificate from the hosting university. If you are interested, reach out to 

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