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The ObSERVE Aerial project provides the most comprehensive survey of seabirds and cetaceans in offshore Irish waters to date

28 Nov 2018

The ObSERVE Aerial project was carried out by an international consortium led by University College Cork with international partners IMARES, Alnilam and Aerosotravia.

It involved a team of trained observers flying over the sea in a specially equipped aeroplane along an extensive set of survey lines, in order to record the occurrence, distribution and numbers of whales, dolphins, porpoises and seabirds.  Other species of interest such as sharks and sea turtles were also seen and recorded. For more information on the ObSERVE project, go to: The video below shows some of the ObSERVE aerial and underwater footage (edited by Crow Crag Productions with images from Crossing the Line Productions, Getty Images / BBC and Nature Footage and Peter Cutler).  

UCC Ornithology Research Group

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UCC North Mall Campus, North Mall, Cork City,