Associate Professor Bryon Powell delivers a seminar on Implementation Mapping!

4 Aug 2022

On 21st July the Health Implementation Research Hub were delighted to host a seminar entitled “Implementation Mapping: An approach to selecting and tailoring implementation strategies”, delivered by Bryon Powell.

Main body: Byron is an international expert in implementation science and faculty at the Brown School at Washington University in St Louis. Byron was visiting Ireland during July as a Fulbright Specialist. Overall, 27 people registered for the seminar, with over 20 attendees. Byron presented an introduction to the Implementation Mapping approach along with some practical examples, drawing on the Collaborative Organizational Approach to Selecting and Tailoring Implementation Strategies (COAST-IS) study.

If you are interested in Implementation Mapping you can read more about it in this article by Maria Fernandez and colleagues.


The Fulbright Specialist Awards allow interested institutions to bring American citizens to Ireland for a period of two to six weeks. These awards are a creative and cost-effective way to access U.S. academics and professionals who may not be free to come for longer periods as part of the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Awards. The Specialists can be brought in to assist with any aspect of the institutional development, such as new courses, research programs, or administrative structures, for example

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