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World Microbiome Day 2019

17 Jun 2019

World Microbiome Day 2019

Celebrating All Things Microbiome

World Microbiome Day will take place on Thursday 27th June 2019.  The theme for 2019  is Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics.

PLEASE GET INVOLVED by organising an event and posting it on  On social media use #WorldMicrobiomeDay and #MindYourMicrobes so that we can help promote your event and amplify your message.

World Microbiome Day is keen to engage everyone from the general public to policy makers, industry, researchers, clinicians, pharmacists – anyone who can make a difference in combatting the global challenge of antibiotic resistance.  Your event can involve any of these stakeholders, be internal to your organisation, in the local community, schools or even online.

Antibiotic resistance is a global challenge which currently results in more than 700,000 deaths from infections that are resistant to antibiotics.  If we do not act urgently it is estimated that an estimated 10 million lives will be lost annually by 2050.  We need to protect our microbiomes from misuse of antibiotics.  And we need to mobilise the microbiome against the coming plague of antibiotic resistance.

World Microbiome Day was initiated by APC Microbiome Ireland in 2018 to showcase the diverse worlds of microbiomes and to encourage public dialogue on their crucial importance to human, animal and environmental health.  In 2018, events took place on all continents and with many stakeholders.

In 2019, APC Microbiome Ireland is supported by the EU-funded project Microbiome Support and the European Food Information Council EUFIC.

You can download the logo as well as a powerpoint slideposter and other resources  here

Let’s make it a memorable day!

Host Institution

Host Logos - UCC and Teagasc

Partner Institutions

APC Microbiome Ireland

Biosciences Building, University College Cork, Ireland,