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APC celebrates International Women’s Day 2023

7 Mar 2023

Wednesday 8th March marks International Women’s Day and events across the world are commemorating this year’s chosen theme: Embrace Equity. APC is celebrating the occasion with a video showcasing APC researchers working in the microbiome and women’s health space.


Equity can be defined as giving everyone what they need to be successful. We know that in health and disease there are differences based on gender and this can affect health outcomes. At APC we are investigating the role the microbiome may play in pregnancy, birth, perinatal mental health, endometriosis, and menopause. A better understanding of these female specific conditions will allow us to develop new therapies, treatments, and innovations that are tailored to tackle these issues.


In the context of women’s health my research focuses on defining differences in the microbiome in women and how we respond differently to things like stress. In particular, I work in the area of maternal gut health during pregnancy and aim to develop interventions to improve outcomes for mother and baby. Dr Siobhain O’ Mahony, APC Investigator

I work with Dr O’Mahony on investigating the link between the microbiome and pain in endometriosis. We are trying to determine if some women are better able to influence this community of bacteria to reduce pain than others. Mariarosario Cuozzo, PhD Student



In health and disease there are differences based on gender. My research interest is in linking gender and diet to particular disease tendencies in women.  I look at how metabolic and microbial indicators or markers present in our blood can tailor treatments for positive health outcomes for women. Dr Susan Joyce, APC Investigator



I’m working on the MiMIC (Missing Microbes in Infants born by C-section) study. Gut bacteria can be missing or reduced in babies born by C-section or exposed to antibiotics. The MiMIC team wants to identify these “missing microbes” and develop ways to replenish them. Manasi Nakarni, Research Assistant




My lab studies how the bacteria in our gut can affect how our brain functions via what’s called the brain-gut axis. I find it fascinating that changes in the microorganisms in our gut influence our brain, our moods and emotions. Rie Matsuzaki, PhD Student


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