CARL Research Process Map
This document provides a visual representation the different phases of the  CARL Research process from the inital identification of research question, through to conducting a three-way meeting between a represenative from the community organisation, the student and the academic supervisor and on tp finalising the research report and disseminating the findings. 

CARL Research Process (1,534kB)

CARL Manual 
Student dissertation cover sheet. This document is added to the front of all of our reports.

Student Dissertation Cover Sheet (263kB)

CARL Manual 
The aim of the manual is to assist civil society organisations (CSOs), students, supervisors and all those involved in the CARL Initiative at UCC in understanding and engaging with community-based research. It sets out the various phases of the CARL research process and provides prompts of what questions should be considered at each juncture to ensure the project has the best chance of succeeding. 

CARL Manual (206kB)

CARL Research Agreement 
This document is signed by both the student and representation from the community organisation following a three-way meeting to define the scope of the research project, decide on possible research methods as well as agree the timelines for data collection (if suitable) and receipt of the project report. 

CARL Research Agreement (520kB)

CARL Research Agreement (520kB)


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