Professor Ursula Kilkelly Head of Department, Dean of Faculty

Research/ Teaching:  Children's rights, juvenile justice, Child Law Clinic

Tel. +353 21 490 3642.  E-mail

Professor Caroline Fennell

Research/ Teaching:  Law of Evidence, Criminal Justice, Terrorism and Organised Crime

Tel. +353 21 490 2547.  E-mail

Professor Steve Hedley

Research/ Teaching:  Private law generally, especially contract, restitution and theory of obligations; e-commerce

Tel. +353 21 490 3990.  E-mail

Professor Irene Lynch Fannon

Research/ Teaching:  Company Law, Corporate Insolvency and Rescue, Corporate Law Theory, Corporate Governance with emphasis on EU-US comparisons

Tel. +353 21 490 2529.  E-mail

Professor Maeve McDonagh

Research/ Teaching:  Freedom of Information, Privacy and Data Protection, Information Technology law, Human Rights

Tel. +353 21 490 2854.  E-mail

Professor John Mee

Research/ Teaching:  Property, Equity, Family Property, Rights and Duties of Cohabitees

Tel. +353 21 490 2494.  E-mail

Professor David Gwynn Morgan (Emeritus)

Research/ Teaching:  Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Land Law

Tel. +353 21 490 2532.  E-mail 

Professor Siobhan Mullally

Research/ Teaching:  Human Rights Law; Public International Law; Immigration and Refugee Law; International Criminal Law

Tel. +353 21 490 2699.  E-mail  

Senior Lecturers

Dr Louise Crowley

Research/ Teaching:  Family Law, Family Relationships, Family Financial Provision, Intellectual Property Law.

Tel. +353 21 490 3879.  E-mail

Dr Mary Donnelly

Research/ Teaching:  Law of Financial Transactions, Credit and Security Law, Medical Law and Ethics

Tel. +353 21 490 2857.  E-mail

Dr Deirdre Madden

Research/ Teaching:  Medical Law, Patient Safety Regulation

Tel. +353 21 490 2990.  E-mail 

‎Dr Owen McIntyre

Research/ Teaching:  Environmental Law, EU Law, International Law, Comparative Law

Tel. +353 21 490 2090.  E-mail

Dr Conor O'Mahony

Research/ Teaching:  Constitutional Law, Family Law, Company Law

Tel. +353 21 490 3041.  E-mail 

Dr Áine Ryall

Research/ Teaching:  Environmental Law, EC Law, Landlord and Tenant Law, Tort

Tel. +353 21 490 3201.  E-mail

Dr Darius Whelan

Research/ Teaching:  Mental Health Law, Internet Regulation, Employment and Labour Law

Tel. +353 21 490 3452.  E-mail

Dr Fidelma White 

Research/ Teaching:  Commercial Law, Public Sector Audit, Electronic Commerce Law

Tel. +353 21 490 2176.  E-mail 


Dr Maria Cahill

Research/ Teaching:  Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, European law, Comparative Constitutionalism, Political Philosophy, Relationship between Church and State

Tel. +353 21 490 2343.  E-mail 

Dr Dug Cubie

Research/Teaching: Law of Evidence, Humanitarian Assistance, International Development, Climate Justice and Refugee Protection

Tel. +353-490-2376.  E-mail:

Dr Carole Deschamps

Research/Teaching: Intellectual Property Law, particularly software patents and the impact of the Digital Age on copyright law

Tel. +353-21-490-3106.  E-mail:

Dr Fiona Donson

Research/ Teaching:  Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Human Rights

Tel. +353 21 490 3159.  E-mail

Dr Claire Murray

Research/Teaching: Medical Law, Welfare Law, Moot Court, Legal Skills & Analysis, Tort Law and Family Law

Tel. +353 21 490 3809.  E-mail

Dr Patrick O'Callaghan

Research/ Teaching:  Legal Theory, Tort Law and EU Law

Tel. +353 21 490 1881.  E-mail

Dr Seán Ó Conaill

Research/ Teaching:  Constitutional Law, Irish Language Law and Policy, Minority Language Rights, Criminal Justice and the Law of Sport

 Tel. +353 21 490 3811.  E-mail   

Dr Catherine O'Sullivan 

Research/ Teaching:  Criminal Law, Criminology, Introduction to the Legal System and Legal Writing

Tel. +353 21 490 3285.  E-mail

Dr Aisling Parkes

Research/ Teaching:  International Children’s Rights, Family Law, Welfare Law, Public Law, Evidence

Tel. +353 21 420 5167.  E-mail 

Dr Bénédicte Sage-Fuller 

Research/ Teaching: Revenue Law, Public International Law, French Law and German Law

Tel. +353 21 490 3812.  E-mail

Mr Declan Walsh 

Research/ Teaching:  Competition/ Anti-Trust, EU Common Fisheries Policy, Free Movement of Persons within the EU

Tel. +353 21 490 2639.  E-mail

Dr Angela O'Connell

Research Centre: Child Law Clinic

Tel. +353-21-490-2538.  E-mail:

Dr Sarah Field

Research Centre: Post-Doctoral Researcher

Tel. +353-21-490-3642.  E-mail:

Dr Gill Harold

Research Centre: Post-Doctoral Researcher

Tel. +353-21-490-3106.  E-mail:

Naomi Kennan

Research Centre: Child Law Clinic

Tel. +353-21-490-2539.  E-mail:

Sarah C. Field

Research Centre: Child Law Clinic

Tel. +353-21-490-2539.  E-mail:

Mr Pat Rice

I.T. / Multimedia Officer

Tel. +353 21 490 2796. Email

Ms Mags Walsh

Faculty and Department Manager

Tel. +353-21-490 3414.  E-mail 

Ms Dorothy Appelbe

Clinical Legal Education Co-ordinator

Tel. +353-21-490 3203.  E-mail

Ms Veronica Calnan

Postgraduate Administrator

Tel. +353-21-490 3995.  E-mail  

Ms Anne-Marie Curtin

Faculty Administrator

Tel. +353-21-490 3249. E-mail

Ms Mary O'Regan

Department Administrator

Tel. +353-21-490 2224.  E-mail

Ms Aislinn Collins

Front Desk, Student Queries, Timetables

Tel. +353-21-490 2220. E-mail

Ms Noreen Delea

Conferencing, Seminars, CPD events

Tel. +353-21-490 3220. E-mail

Ms Anna O'Sullivan

Administrator, LLM (Practitioner)

Tel. +353-21-420 5170. E-mail

Ms Anne Wallace

Student Recruitment and Liason Officer

Tel. +353-21-420 5102. E-mail

  Áras na Laoi

Faculty Office: / 021-4903249 / AL1.63, Áras na Laoi, UCC

Department Office: / 021-4902220 / AL1.53, Áras na Laoi, UCC


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Public Office Opening Hours (out of term):

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