New Programme Approval 

Each College will have its own local processes and schedule governing new programme approval and curriculum change. 


Marks and Standards Templates 


Major and Minor Changes to Existing Programmes


Retrospective Changes

A retrospective change is a change to the published Calendar and Book of Modules/ACE section of the study@ucc website for the current academic year and will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Form R1 (Retrospective Change form) must be used if proposing a retrospective change. Retrospective changes require approval by the relevant School/Department and College (or Academic Standards Board in the case of ACE programmes) in accordance with their own local procedures. Following approval, the retrospective change form and supporting documentation should be submitted to the Office for Academic Programmes and Regulations for implementation. Form R1 can be obtained by contacting APAR at


Temporary Cessation of an Academic Programme

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