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  • 5 Questions on Climate Change

    Professor John Sodeau discusses climate change and what Ireland can do to play its part in the fight against the phenomenon termed global warming. 

  • UCC and the Olympics

    Gabriel Doherty, UCC School of History, on the University's long tradition of contributing to the Irish Olympic effort. 

  • UCC archaeologists unravel enigma of Ireland’s Iron Age diet

    A UCC-led project, the first of its kind of Ireland, has witnessed a team of international archaeologists unearthing evidence of the food people ate in the southeast of Ireland during the Iron Age. 

  • 5 Questions on Neuroscience Research

    Dr Shane Hegarty talks about his research at UCC, which aims to develop new therapies for Parkinson’s disease, and the advice he would give to students considering a career in science. 

  • Global Cities and Poor Choices: The Rio Olympics

    The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre says ‘we are our choices’ and indeed, it would appear watching the Rio Olympics this week that the International Olympic Committee and the Brazilian government are living very much with consequences of their choices. 

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