Learn skills you can't get in a classroom

Make the most of our committee focused trainings!
Societies are multifaced and are kept going by the brilliant ideas of our students. Sometimes, they need a little help, and this is where we come in.
The Societies Guild offers comprehensive training sessions in many areas to aid students running the societies as efficently as possible. These trainings are offered to committee members who have have  been elected to help run their chosen society for the year by their peers.
Our trainings encompass a host of essential skills for running a society, such as:
  • Leadership development
  • Financal Management and Sponsorship procurement
  • Secretarial and Administration
  • Event Management
  • Public Relations training/ Media and Photoshop
  • Conflict Resolution
Sessions  take place all year round with paticular focus at the start of each semester (Sept and Jan). Sessions are efficient and have question and answers afterwards- we will not be keeping you all evening, but we will make sure your questions are answered!
Session times will vary between 15 minutes and 45 minutes. We also offer virtual sessions via Zoom, and in person sessions on campus.
Please contact your society representitive to gain more information on upcoming training dates and schedules.
Last year, we had over 30 trainings both online and in person for our committee members throughout the year, including the introduction of Health and Safety Training, Conflict Resolution and Website Training, an increase of 58%.

UCC Societies

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