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Contact Us: Executive and Office Staff

Meet the Societies Executive!

The Societies executive are 9 officers dedicated to supporting the functioning of Societies in UCC. They are elected by Societies themselves to their positions at the annual AGM. It is made up of the President, a full time paid Sabbatical role, a representative from the Student Union and 7 voluntary OCMs who are assigned roles by the President. Each, along with their roles, is a representative for one of the repping groups and provides help and assistance to each Society and their committees throughout the year.

We will be filling the role of secretary shortly.

Societies Office Contacts

Name Role Email Phone
Admin Staff  Administration Team  0214904815
Gemma McConigly Societies Officer  0214904815




We're here to help...


  • Advice and support to UCC Student Societies
  • Advice and support to UCC Societies Executive
  • Promoting Societies activities on campus
  • Providing practical assistance to UCC Societies and Societies Guild including financial management, administration of societies portal, room bookings, stamping of posters, printing and photocopying services etc.


What You Can Expect From Us


  • A courteous, personalised, friendly service.
  • Desk service from 9.15am to 5.00pm during term.
  • Telephone service from 9.15am to 5.00pm during term.
  • Email service, we strive to reply to all emails within 24 hours except at weekends.
  • A personal consultation with a member of staff by appointment if required.


The Hub


The Societies Office, Societies President and the Societies Officer are located on the 1st floor of the Hub.

The Clubs and Societies area is located at the top of the red stairs through the atrium of the Hub. The Societies Office will be directly in front of you when you enter through the doors at the top of these stairs. Members of admin staff will be present to help you with any queries between the hours of 9:15am and 5:00pm.

It is here that you can get keys to the storage sheds (located behind 6 Carrigside on College Road), pick up equipment you have booked out, use the visa card, collect society packages, society scanners etc.

The offices of both Societies Officer, Gemma Mcconigly, and Societies President, Chloe Boland, are also located in this same area.

Feedback and Complaints


  • We welcome feedback and we facilitate complaints.
  • Please complete our feedback suggestion form so we can improve our service to you and other students.
  • If you have any feedback or wish to lodge a complaint with regard to our service please email or contact 021-4902475.


UCC Societies

Room 1.56, 1st, THE HUB floor, University College Cork, T12YF78