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Returning Students

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Society Email Instagram
Accounting & Finance  @uccaccfinsocc
Africa @uccafricasociety
Alzheimer’s  @uccalzsoc
Association of Medical Students in Ireland  @uccamsi
An Chuallacht  @anchuallachtucc
An Cumann Dramaíochta  @ancumannducc
Archaeology  @uccarcheologysociety
Architecture  @ucc_archsoc
Ancient Civilisation & Mythology  @uccancientssoc
Arabic  @uccarabsociety
Biochemistry and Biotechnology  @biochem.soc.ucc
Biology  @uccbiosoc
Biomedical  @uccbiomedicalsciencesociety
BEES  @uccbeessociety
Business Information Systems (BIS)  @bissocietyucc
Cancer  @ucccancersoc
Chemical  @ucc_chemical_society
Chinese  @uccchinesesociety
Choral  @uccchoralsociety
Christian Union  @ucc.christianunion
Clinical Therapies  @clinicaltherapiesucc
Co-Operative  @ucccoopsoc
Comedy  @ucccomedysoc
Commerce  @ucccomsoc
Consulting  @uccconsultingsociety
Criminology  @ucccriminologysociety
Data & Analytics  @uccdatasoc
Dental  @ucc_dentsoc
Disability Activism & Awareness  @uccdaasoc 
DJ  @uccdjsociety 
Dodgeball  @uccdodgesoc 
Dramat  @uccdramatsociety 
Entrepreneurial & Social  @ucc_eands 
Economics  @ucc_economics_society 
Emergency Care  @uccemergencycaresoc 
Enactus  @enactusucc 
Engineering  @engsoc_ucc 
Engineers Without Borders  @ewbucc 
English  @uccenglishlitsoc 
Environmental  @uccenvirosoc 
Erasmus and Interenational Society @eisoc.ucc 
Europa  @ucceuropasoc
Fáilte Refugees  @uccfailterefugeesoc 
Fashion  @uccfashionsociety 
Feminist  @uccfemsoc 
Fianna Fail  @ucc_fiannafail 
Film & Photography  @uccfilmphotosociety
Free Legal Aid Centre (FLAC)  @flac_ucc 
Foodies  @uccfoodiesoc 
French  @uccfrenchsociety 
Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)  @uccfriendsofmsf 
Genetics  @uccgeneticssociety 
German german@uccsocieties  @uccgermansoc 
Government & Politics  @uccgovpolsoc 
General Practitioners (GP)  @uccgpsoc 
Guide Dogs  @uccguidedogssoc
Harry Potter  @uccharrypotter 
Hope Foundation  @hopefoundationucc 
Horse Racing  @ucchorseracing
Indian  @ucc_indians 
International Development  @uccintdevsoc 
International Relations  @uccirsoc 
Irish Traditional Music  @ucctradsoc 
Islamic  @uccisoc 
Japanese  @uccjapanesesociety 
Jewish @uccjewishsoc
Journalism and Media  @uccjournosoc 
Knitting  @uccknitsoc 
Korean  @ucckoreansoc 
Labour  @ucclaboursociety
Law  @ucclawsociety 
LGBTQI+  @ucclgbtqsoc 
Macra na Feirme  @uccmacrasociety 
Mathematical  @uccmathsoc 
Medical  @uccmedsoc 
Med Research and Technology  @ucc_mrtsoc
Music  @uccmusicsoc 
Musical Theatre  @uccmts 
Networking  @uccnetsoc 
Neurodiversity  @uccneurodiversitysoc 
Neurosceince & Neurodiversity  @uccneurosoc 
Orchestra  @uccorchestralsociety 
Pakistani  @uccpaksoc
Pharmacy  @uccpharmsoc 
Philosophical  @uccphilosoph 
People Before Profit  @ucc_pbpsoc
Physics  @uccphysoc 
Planning  @uccplanningsoc 
Psychological  @uccpsychsoc 
Suicide Aware & Mental Health  @uccsamh 
Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and Anime  @uccscifisoc
Science  @uccsciencesoc 
Scribble  @uccscribblesociety 
Simon  @uccsimonsoc 
Simpsons  @uccsimpsonsoc 
Sinn Fein  @uccsf
Slavic  @uccslavicsociety 
Socialist @uccsocialistsoc
South East Asian  @uccseasoc 
Sport Studies and Physical Education (SSPE)  @uccsspesociety
Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)  @uccssdp 
Surgeon Noonan  @surgeonnoonansocucc
Surgical  @uccsurgsoc 
Translational Medicine  @ucc_translational_medicine 
Vegan  @uccvegsoc 
War, Action & Roleplaying (WARPS)  @uccwarps 
WiSTEM  @wistemsocietyucc 
Young Fine Gael (YFG)  @uccfyg 
Yoga & Meditation  @uccyogaandmeditationsociety 

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