Call for Papers -The Pandemic as a litmus test for EU Anti-Discrimination Law – Debating Change.

6 Oct 2023
'COVID-19 AND RACIALISED COMMUNITIES' - European Network Against Racism

This seminar, 'The Pandemic as a Litmus Test for EU Anti-Discrimination Law - Debating Change' will be held on Thursday 14th March, 2024 in UCC, Cork. 

Deadline for submission of abstracts has been extended to February 27th. 


The global pandemic (Covid19) has deepened gender and racial/ethnic inequalities and entrenched social disadvantage for those considered disabled.  A policy analysis for Council of Europe, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) interactive map and a subsection of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights' report reiterate that the policies responding to the pandemic deepened racial inequalities and had gendered effects.

By March 2024, we will have lived through the pandemic’s 4th winter flare-up, resulting in further entrenchment of the effects of abilism, racism and sexism.  It is time to move beyond general condemnation and ask whether all this vindicates changes to EU anti-discrimination law.

Dr Jule Mulder (University of Bristol) the keynote speaker will present her paper ''Changing work arrangements during the pandemic as a challenge for EU non-discrimination law'' -view abstract here: Dr Mulder Abstract - March 2024 event

Dr Mulder will be joined by Prof Dagmar Schiek (University College Dublin) as chair and Prof Mark Bell (Trinity College Dublin) as a discussant. We invite further contributions - check our Call for Papers - Call for Papers March 2024


We are seeking contributions to the following questions, which move the debate beyond the trodden path:  

  • Is there scope for theoretical approaches juxtaposing anti-discrimination law and social policy?
  • Can anti-discrimination law serve as litmus test for policy reactions to socio-economic challenges?
  • Could EU anti-discrimination law have been used for avoiding exclusionary effects of the global health crisis on women or those marginalised by racialisation and abilism?
  • What changes can be suggested for EU anti-discrimination law to prevent crisis-measures from increasing social inequalities along cleavages created by abilism, racism and sexism?

Please Send a 300 word abstract, with 50 words biographical notes to before the extended date of February 27th.

Full details here -  Call for Papers March 2024



EU Integration and Citizens' Rights

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Áras na Laoi, School of Law, University College Cork, T12 T656