Year in Review 2023

20 Dec 2023
'The COVID-19 Crisis: Free Movement, Borders and the testing of Union Citizenship' which was held in January 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, The we reflect on some of the year's highlights at the Jean Monnet Centre for EU Integration and Citizens' Rights


It has been a busy year for the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for EU Integration and Citizens' Rights. 

We have had a series of wonderful events exploring EU-derived rights in various contexts! We studied citizens’ rights within the EU with three different events relating to movement rights during the COVID-19 pandemic, the potential of the European Citizen Initiative to create social rights and the possibility of a right to sports broadcasts in the EU. We also looked at EU-derived rights in the EU’s neighbourhood and compared movement rights in Ukraine and Northern Ireland. Finally, we adopted a global perspective and delved into legal mobilisation in third countries. Each event was complemented by a podcast with guest speakers discussing the main features of their contributions.

Members of the JMCE also actively contributed to the UACES Conference in Belfast, participating in the panel “EU Integration and Citizens' Rights - A New Avenue to EU Legitimacy” last September.

Next year promises even more engaging events. In February, we return with a comparison of Ukraine and Northern Ireland with a focus on anti-discrimination law, hosted at the IHREC in Dublin. Stay updated with our upcoming events throughout the year by visiting our website or following us on LinkedIn.

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