Work Packages

Work Package 1 - Overall Management, ensuring coherence of project


  • to provide coherent framework on EU integration and citizens' rights,
  • to widen the project's perspectives into sociological debates

Events and Deliverables:

Work Package 2 - Citizens' Rights Enactment in the EU


  • Free movement within and beyond the pandemic
  • EU anti-discrimination law and inequalities in post-pandemic
  • Sports broadcasting and citizens' identity - constraints of EU economic law
  • The EU citizens' initiative on Unconditional Basic Income - successful in generating substantive rights?

Events & Deliverables: 


Work Package 3 - The EU's periphery and neighbourhood - citizens' rights perishing?


  • Comparing Citizens' (free movement) rights in Northern Ireland and in relation to Ukraine
  • Comparing Citizens' rights derived from the EU anti-discrimination acquis in Northern Ireland and Ukraine

Events & Deliverables:

  • July 2023 Seminar: Citizens' derived free Movement Rights in the EU's Neighbourhood - comparing Northern Ireland and Ukraine
  • February 2024: Anti-Discrimination Rights in the EU's Neighbourhood. 

Work Package 4 - The EU and Citizens' Rights: The Global Dimension


  • EU geopolitical autonomy and citizens' rights
  • EU trade and investment agreements - wither citizens' rights?
  • The EU, China and human rights

Events and Deliverables:

Work Package 5 - Dissemination and Communication


  • to ensure effective communication of project events and results
  • to ensure citizens' engagement through two creative workshops 
  • to promote and communicate overall project results through a closing conference
  • To consolidate academic results through digital and artistic presentation

Main Events: 

  • March 2024: creative workshop EU Anti-Discrimination Rights in Post-Colonial Settings. Details on event here
  • August 2024: Creative workshop Experiencing Human Rights: the EU and China. Details on event here
  • October 2024: Closing conference and opening of Art Exhibition. Details on event here

EU Integration and Citizens' Rights

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Áras na Laoi, School of Law, University College Cork, T12 T656