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Platforms: Human Studies Platform


The APC’s Human Studies Platform comprises a team of six research nurses, supported by a Clinical Trials Manager and medical MD fellows. This platform provides a resource to all APC research teams by

  1. managing and supporting clinical trials in accordance with ICH GCP guidelines, through the application for the required ethical and regulatory approvals and provision of training
  2. facilitating the collection of clinical samples, such as blood, faeces & biopsies in accordance with ICH GCP from thoroughly phenotyped patient groups and healthy controls
  3. providing a co-ordinated repository for clinical samples across the APC
  4. clinical studies to reduce diagnostic CT radiation in patients with chronic illness and 

The APC has also spun out a company, Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd, which conducts clinical trials specifically for the global food industry who want to prove their food, beverage, medical food & supplement health claims.

Atlantia - Food Clinical Trials

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