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Taking The Stress Out Of Pregnancy

5 Nov 2019

Taking The Stress Out Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy And Wellness Event

On National Stress Awareness Day, Wednesday 6th November, an event is being held in Cork especially for pregnant women. The Pregnancy and Wellness event, organised by APC Microbiome Ireland SFI Research Centre at University College Cork and funded by the Health Research Board, will include pregnancy yoga and art therapy designed to reduce stress levels as well as short talks on research on healthy foods and maternal stress.  The event takes place from 2-5pm in the Glucksman Gallery,  UCC.

Research carried out by Dr. Siobhain O’Mahony and her group at APC Microbiome Ireland in University College Cork, and in collaboration with INFANT in Cork University Maternity Hospital, aims to better understand prenatal maternal stress and the role played by gut microbes during pregnancy. The group are currently investigating how high levels of maternal stress affect brain development of the baby in susceptible individuals. Of particular interest is the investigation into whether increased gut permeability (leaky gut) caused by this prenatal stress triggers the immune response and affects neurochemicals known to be involved in brain development. The ultimate aim of this project is to identify a comprehensive biological signature for vulnerability to prenatal maternal stress and adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes. This will allow for the identification of at-risk women who could benefit from the implementation of a stress reduction programme or dietary intervention aimed at improving gut health.

The event for pregnant women will kick off at 2pm with a short talk highlighting the research on maternal stress carried out by Dr. O’Mahony and her lab and will be followed by sessions of pregnancy yoga and art therapy designed towards decreasing stress levels. Dr. Kirsten Berding Holding, a dietician will also give a short talk on gut healthy foods. Healthy foods for a happy gut will also be supplied by BoBo’s café during the afternoon.

This event is the final in a series of events funded through the HRB KEDS scheme.

Please register by emailing  sarah_odonovan@ucc.ie

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