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New Cross-Disciplinary PhD Project

28 Oct 2022

New Cross-Disciplinary PhD Project starting at UCC involving the APC, Dental Hospital and School and the Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry (CRAC) and the HSE Dental Service


Dr Danielle McGeown joins APC Microbiome Ireland SFI Research Centre and Cork University Dental Hospital and School as part of the Employment Based PhD Scholarship Programme for Health Science Professionals.


The health implications of aerosols generated by dentistry came into focus during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the full significance of dental aerosols is still debated, and cross disciplinary research is needed to approach this problem. Danielle brings her expertise working in HSE Dental Practice to the project, which is facilitated by Dr Niamh Galvin, Assistant National Director, Oral Health Lead Quality. She will use state of the art air monitoring instruments and molecular biology techniques. Her research will bring insight into real world airborne particle production associated with dentistry and help guide future dental practice.


The Employment Based PhD Scholarship Programme for Health Science Professionals is a multidisciplinary project sponsored by APC in UCC’s College of Medicine and Health which involves collaboration between researchers at Cork University Dental School and Hospital (Dr Catherine Gallagher and Professor Mairead Harding (Director Oral Health Services Research Centre)), APC Microbiome Ireland (Professor Michael Prentice, Department of Pathology and Professor Cormac Gahan, Schools of Microbiology and Pharmacy), and UCC Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry (Dr Stig Hellebust, School of Chemistry).

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