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MiMIC - Missing Microbes in Infants born by Caesarean Section

1 Aug 2023

A recent webinar involving participants in the ongoing MiMIC study led by APC Microbiome Ireland and Teagasc was a storming success and received overwhelming positive response.  The MiMIC project commenced in 2018 to identify the gut bacteria that are missing or depleted in infants born by Caesarean section or who have been exposed to antibiotics, with the aim of developing microbiome-based solutions to benefit infant health and developmen

The webinar featuring Prof Catherine Stanton, Prof Gene Dempsey, Ms Carol-Anne O’Shea and Prof Paul Ross and chaired by Dr Alicja Warda of APC Microbiome Ireland saw 64 participants in the study tune in for a highly informative and ineractactive progress update.

Questions that were addressed in the webinar ranged from whether speed of delivery affects microbiota transmission from mother to child; associations between autism and missing microbes; sugar and caffeine intake in adolescence; to how this fascinating aspect of microbiome science could impact C-section practices, and advice for mums-to-be on how they can prepare and improve their gut-health ahead of pregnancy.

Catherine Stanton commented: “We were absolutetly delighted with the turn-out and level of participation in our webinar on this hugely important engaged research project.  We will be planning future updates with our group as we go forward to keep them updated and informed on our progress.”


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