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FOODS4ME Focus Group

11 Jun 2021

FOODS4ME Focus Group


The FOODS4ME study is interested in the development of high-fibre, microbiome-tailored foods for a healthy gut, and to determine the effect of dietary supplementation in an in vitro colon model with low FODMAP ingredients upon the intestinal microbiota in healthy and IBS subjects. For this study, we need to include some people who have diagnosed IBS or who experience symptoms similar to IBS, and also “healthy” people who do not have IBS, so that we can compare the effects of the fibres in both groups. We also want to get detailed feedback on people’s experience with IBS in terms of their dietary habits, and what they think of our new product concept. We aim to do this by asking a small group of people with IBS to participate in a focus group discussion managed by a professional facilitator. Overall, the results of this study may be used to design a new product that we hope can address the needs of people with IBS or people who experience similar symptoms. If you would like to take part in a focus group for this study, you can do so by filling out our participant form here    

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