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Food Is Funky

19 Jun 2020

Food Is Funky

With schools closed, pupils around the country have been tuning in daily to learn at home with the Home School Hub on RTE, Ireland’s most popular TV station. At the beginning of June, the show featured one of APC’s educational workshops called “Food is Funky”. Armed with only a few household items and kitchen ingredients, children learned how our food is digested by turning food in to “poo”! APC Lab Manager, Eva McArdle, developed the workshop originally with funding from Science Foundation Ireland. Since then, it has reached thousands of children through the APC EPE programme. If you missed the episode but would like to play it back, you’ll find it here on YouTube. And while the RTE School Hub ended, you can still catch all the science action at Hub Lab.

Pictured above: Philip Smyth from the RTE School Hub uses APC’s “Food is Funky” workshop to teach children about digestion and microbes.

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