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Embracing Diversity: DS Biome Research Assistants Recognised for their Microbiome Science Contributions through an APC Bursary Award

1 Jan 2024

In a noteworthy celebration of inclusivity, APC Director Prof Paul Ross presented certificates of participation to Research Assistants with Down Syndrome for their contribution to the field of microbiome science. The ceremony also served as a public acknowledgment of the critical role played by these individuals in the research process. 


Including individuals with Down Syndrome in gut microbiome research through Community Engagement is important. Their involvement brings unique perspectives and insights, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the gut microbiome. According to Paul Cotter, a Principal Investigator with the DS Biome Study “We are hugely grateful to this fantastic team of research assistants and their contribution to enhancing the depth and relevance of scientific investigations in this field.” 

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