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APC Microbiome Ireland is delighted to welcome Dr Kseniya Simbirtseva to our team

22 Jul 2022

APC Microbiome Ireland is delighted to welcome Dr Kseniya Simbirtseva to our team

Dr Simbirtseva is a Cardiologist with 18 years of medical experience. She has several specialisations including internal medicine, cardiology, age-management and health care organisation. In addition to clinical activities, she also has sufficient experience in scientific work.  

As a former visiting scientist of Dr. Natalia Shulga, Dr Simbirtseva joined her lab on a fellowship award for a clinical rotation (practical training) in clinical gastroenterology, cardiology, and nephrology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry Strong Memorial Hospital, USA. 

As a clinician-scientist, she completed by doctoral thesis entitled "Clinical and pathogenetic justification of correction of calcium disorders in treatment of patients with osteoarthritis and arterial hypertension” in 2008 and then worked at the Department of Internal Medicine in Donetsk National Medical University, Ukraine where she continued research work and trained students of the Medical University.  

Unfortunately, she was forced to leave University in Donetsk in 2014 because of Russian occupation and started everything from scratch in Kyiv. 

For the last 8 years she lived in Kyiv, Ukraine where she was engaged in medical practice and clinic management.  

Today because of the terrible war in Ukraine she, along with her family had to leave their home again and find a safer place to stay. APC Microbiome Ireland created a two year senior postdoctoral fellowship in Cork for a scientist fleeing the war in Ukraine. APC Operations manager, Dr Rafferty-McArdle helped Dr Simbirtseva in relation to the logistics and documentation needed to move to Ireland. The University Sanctuary Fellowship and University College Cork’s Castlewhite Apartments supported the senior postdoctoral fellowship with short-term emergency accommodation for Dr Simbirtseva and her family.    

At APC, Dr Simbirtseva joins Prof Paul O’Toole’s lab where she will investigate the relevance of the microbiome in cognitive decline,  association between the gut microbiome and mild cognitive impairment, an early stage of cognitive decline. She and Prof O’Toole are collaborating with Prof Suzanne Timmons in St Finbarr’s Hospital, Cork on this exciting project.  

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