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APC Microbiome Ireland Creates A Fellowship For A Ukrainian Scientist

25 Apr 2022

APC Microbiome Ireland Creates A Fellowship For A Ukrainian Scientist

APC Microbiome Ireland, a world leading SFI Research Centre has created a two-year Post-doctoral fellowship to host a scientist from Ukraine.

The position will facilitate a research focus on the development of new diagnostics or biomarkers of health or risk of disease based on analysis of the microbiome; exploring the mechanisms by which the microbiome may be mobilised or manipulated to promote health; ‘mining’ the microbiome for new antimicrobials, therapeutics and functional food ingredients; deciphering the role of the microbiome in brain-gut communications as well as mood regulation and cognition; and researching other microbiomes including on the human skin, and in rumens with the aim of reducing methane emissions through microbiome-based solutions.

This post-doctoral fellowship is available to a scientist from Ukraine interested in microbiome research. A PhD qualification in a discipline relevant to microbiome science such as biomedical sciences, natural sciences, agriculture / food science, or computational sciences would be a requirement. The position will be based in APC Microbiome Ireland, at University College Cork (UCC), Cork, Ireland. The offer comes with wellbeing support and free language classes available in UCC.

For queries and applications please email APC Operations Manager Susan Rafferty-McArdle

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