Sinéad Watkins

Senior Executive Assistant (Job-Share mornings)

Phone(021) 490 3267               
Room: ORB 1.50   

 Veronica Forde

Senior Executive Assistant (Job-Share afternoons)

Phone(021) 490 3267               
Room: ORB 1.50   

 The Administrative Office for the department is situated in ORB_1.50 and is open for enquiries at the following times:

Monday to Thursday:
10.00 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.
2.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.

Outside of these times please email or telephone 021 490 3267

Please note the office is closed on Fridays


Dr. Helena Buffery

Head of Department

Phone: (021) 490 2553
Room: ORB 1.53

Dr. Stephen Boyd 

College Lecturer

Phone: (021) 490 2509
Room: ORB 1.52

Professor Nuala Finnegan

Head of School of Languages,

Literatures & Cultures

Director, Centre for Mexican Studies

Phone: (021) 490 3213
Room: ORB 1.49

Dr. Cara Levey

College Lecturer

Phone: (021) 490 3268
Room: ORB 1.48

Dr. Martín Veiga 

College Lecturer
Director, Irish Centre for Galician Studies
Phone: (021) 490 2108
Room: ORB 1.54

Terence O'Reilly 

Emeritus Professor


David Mackenzie

Emeritus Professor


Dr. Seana Ryan

Assistant Lecturer
Phone: (021) 490 3264


Elisa Serra Porteiro

College lecturer


Eugenia Bolado Colina

Co-ordinator, DELE (Diploma Español Como Lengua Extranjera)
Final Year Language

Phone: (021) 4903306
Room: ORB 1.47

Sofia Da Silva Mendes

Co-ordinator, Portuguese Programme

Phone(021) 490 3270
ORB 1.46 

Siobhán Nally 

Co-ordinator, First Year Beginners

Phone: (021) 490 2860
Room: ORB 1.47  

Ana Siles 

Co-ordinator, DELE (Diploma Español Como Lengua Extranjera) 
Second Year Language

Phone: (021) 490 3306
Room: ORB 1.46

Laura Linares

Xunta Lector in Galician
Assistant Director, Irish Centre for Galician Studies

Phone: (021) 490 3271
Room: ORB 1.55 

Yairen Jerez Columbié

Generalitat Lector in Catalan

Phone: (021) 490 2133


Room: ORB 1.81


Amaia Arakistain

Lectora in Basque

Phone: (021) 490 2133


Room: ORB 1.81     


Emilio Bonome

Lector in Spanish

Room: ORB 1.55

Rafael Jaime

Lector in Spanish

Room: ORB 1.79


Donna Maria Alexander

Dylan Brennan

Fiona Clancy

Emer Clifford

Pedro Nilsson-Fernàndez Dorado

Rafael Jaime

Claudia Loenze

Adelina Syms

Cian Warfield



Laura Linares



Gabriela Abud

Nadia Albaladejo

Vanessa Barbosa

Eva Cabrejas

Alma Cordova

Louise Cronan

Jane Daily

Kathrin Gaul

Heather Mahony

Estefanía Muñoz

Emily O'Driscoll

Vanessa Prazeres

Fabio Tardim

Claire Tobin

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