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This is the first of a series of programmes called Career Chats with Charlie. In this programme Charlie talks with 2 practicing Guidance Counsellors,  Rita and Eileen to help listeners better understand the 3 systems (CAO, HEAR and DARE),  how they operate and what are the pitfalls to look out for, along with general advice of making course choices.

When considering college courses and ultimately career choices, the starting point for most students is the CAO (Central Applications Office) application. Despite the large amount of information available both on line and in written form, many students and parents find the process hard to understand and confusing.  Add to this, the hype associated with “getting your choices right” and the process of applying can become a challenge and a concern.

HEAR and DARE are 2 specific programmes, that are there to assist students with specific challenges. The programme discusses eligibility  for both of these programmes, how one goes about applying for them and what are the basic rules that you need to consider, to see are you eligible

HEAR stands for the Higher Education Access Route and is a scheme which offers College places on reduced points and offers extra support to school leavers who are residents of the Republic of Ireland and come from disadvantages backgrounds. 

DARE stands for the Disability Access Route  to Education and is a programme designed to help students with specific disabilities  that have had a negative impact on their school performance . As with the HEAR programme successful applicants can avail of reduced points and support in the colleges.

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