IT Services for Alumni Students

IT Services After Graduation

UCC continues to provide IT services to UCC Alumni students after graduation.

As an alumnus you continue to have access to the following list of services (subject to change):

Our student support desk is open seven days a week and can be contacted by various means. See the SIT website for further details. Do please contact the support desk if you are having difficulty trying to log on.


Conditions of Service

A condition of continued access to services is that Alumni students must logon to their UCC Student IT Account at least once a year to retain it. If they don’t then the account is deleted automatically. However, if that happens an alumnus can at a future time request a new Alumnus account.


Forthcoming changes to Alumni Accounts during 2023

  • Due to changes that Google are making to their education services on January 1st, 2023, a 15GB quota will come into effect for all UCC Google alumni accounts during January. This will primarily affect Google Drive. Because of this change alumni students are encouraged to move their data from their UCC google Drive to their own personal Google, Microsoft, or other account. For instructions on how to do this, please click here.
  • For more information on storage options available please click here.
  • In early Autumn 2023 (starting in August), Google drive will be removed from UCC Alumni accounts altogether. Alumni students should ensure that all data is removed by this time to avoid loss.


Transitioning from a Registered Student to an Alumnus

At the expiry of a student’s registration, a Student IT Account is transitioned to a UCC Alumnus account.

An alumnus account will give access to the services as listed above but will also retain the existing emails in umail that were received as a student. Likewise, the logon details of the student IT account automatically carry over to the alumnus account, so no change is required of the student to logon and use the account straight away.

However, access to Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive are terminated. To avoid loss of data, students are strongly encouraged to migrate their data from both services to their own personal storage options such as Microsoft or Google.

For more information about Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive please click here.


Student IT Services

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