Growing Your Firm Workshop

Growing Your Firm Workshop

Starting a business and growing a firm involve different types of strategic thinking. One is about getting the business idea up and running in the short term. The other is about making the firm profitable over the long term.

There are many programmes available with well-known and standard frameworks geared to assist with the necessary organising, staffing, skills, techniques, networks, etc., for supporting start-ups and aligning the firm with external market conditions.

This workout focuses on the ‘next step’ by giving participants powerful concepts for thinking about how to best use resources already available within the firm to grow it.

They will explore with academic experts and highly experienced CEOs fundamental ideas about creating opportunities for growth.

The Workout is organised into four three-hour sessions. These can be delivered over two days or separately in sequence:



  • SMEs and Family-Businesses wishing to release the growth potential of their firms and people
  • Middle managers and aspiring senior managers who need their people to learn a set of essential concepts for thinking together about growing their firms
  • Middle managers and aspiring senior managers who need to take a ‘CEOship’ view of expanding and sustaining business
  • Organisations who want to foster team building through shared understanding about how to think about growing firms
  • Advisers supporting the start-up and growth of firms, such as consultancy, banking and finance
  • Policy-makers in state agencies and other development organisations and consultancies

Expected Outcomes

The key ideas discussed will equip participants to think more clearly and effectively about:

  • Identifying and using the pool of internal resources of profitable opportunities to grow
  • Judging when it is necessary to employ entrepreneurial services and management services within the firm
  • Improving the quality of individual minds and the relationships between them
  • Understanding how unused resources within the firm can be powerful sources for innovation, expansion and creation of competitive advantage 


Not currently on offer as an Open Programme.

Expressions of interest are always welcome.

The programme can be co-designed and delivered in-house for team development.


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